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Take a look at some of our case studies and articles to see how we have helped Clients in different industries and sectors, and how we can help you.

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The majority of our Client base is made up of Companies, but we really deal with people – we listen to them, we respect them, we want to do our best for them and we never want to let them down.

The roles people have in a Company come with responsibilities and it is our job to support each of these people in their role.

We understand the demands you face when all eyes are on you. You are time poor, under pressure, have big responsibilities and every decision is answerable to the board. We make sure we see the big picture with you. We respect your time and we will work to ensure your business objectives are met cost effectively.
The money people. The desk where so many difficult problems land. We act promptly, we take ownership of your legal problems cost effectively, so that you can get on with your job. Our online Client access gives you total transparency in all of your matters, including legal fees and out of pocket expenses.
Credit Managers are deadline driven, often under resourced, not always appreciated and exposed to both sales and production. They are privy to the Customer’s financial situation and identify and manage risk whilst juggling collections, credit claims and Customer queries. We know the pressures you are under and how best to deal with them. Our letters of demand achieve a 87.5% success rate. We have helped collect hundreds of millions of dollars for our Clients, supported them in achieving their KPIs and assisted them in reducing DSOs.

Our Latest Insights

Take a look at some of our insights, case studies and articles to see how we have helped our Clients and how we can help you.

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