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In 1976 Terry Ledlin established a general legal practice which, over time, grew and expanded from its suburban base to include offices in the Sydney CBD and Melbourne, with specific expertise in Credit Management, Insolvency, Dispute Resolution and general Business Advice for Commercial Clients.

In 2014, Terry and his daughter Natalie started Ledlin Lawyers, a new and innovative firm that uses the latest technology, a passion for helping people and a combined 50 years worth of legal experience.

We understand that Clients are busy – they want quick, simple and concise summaries of their legal position, and more importantly, a practical and workable solution to their legal problems. The longstanding relationships that we have built over many years means that Clients see us as part of their team, a resource available as and when required.

Clients trust us implicitly to look after their interests and deliver the best possible result in any circumstance.

We stand behind what we say. Contact us, speak to our Clients and let us help your business.

Natalie Ledlin
Natalie LedlinSolicitor Director
Remember back in school when your P.E. teacher made your class divide into teams? Yep, as a formidable opponent and an essential ally, Natalie is the first pick you want on your legal team.

Natalie gets people. Full stop. With a double degree in psychology and law, Natalie understands the science behind human behaviour. She has a unique insight into why people – and the people behind corporations – do the things they do. She knows that soft skills can often be the real way to achieve great outcomes for clients.

What frequently appears on the surface to be a legal issue is actually a business or communication issue – Natalie can spot this from a mile away, saving her clients valuable time and costs. But sometimes you just can’t teach this stuff. It comes naturally to Natalie, and whether you call it emotional intelligence, empathy, or just plain gut feel, Natalie has it in spades. It makes her a fantastic negotiator, enabling her to put on the right hat at just the right time. Which comes in handy when you’re resolving disputes!

As the Director of Ledlin Lawyers, Natalie is also a savvy business owner with insight into the challenges that commercial clients face every single day. She’s a young leader who wants to make a difference to the future of our legal system. That’s not just world peace guys – Natalie’s real kind of difference is where technology creates better ways of doing things for our clients and down-to-earth management that fosters a culture where lawyers are inspired to do their best work.

When Natalie’s not being a lawyer she’s a “beige foods” connoisseur (that means all things pasta, butter, cheese, bread, chips, custard, ice cream, white wine…the list is endless). She burns it all off at F45 (and no, it’s not a cult).

Terry Ledlin
Terry LedlinSpecial Counsel
When we need a special job done, we call in our Special Counsel. Not just a fancy title, Terry also has a special skill. He thrives on problem-solving. The more complex the better. That means finding solutions even where none seem to exist, and helping our clients navigate the commercial landscape. A fanboy of cryptic crosswords, lateral thinking and “the big picture”, Terry likes thinking about thinking.

When you’re this good at what you do, word gets out fast, and Terry has firmly established himself as the go-to guy for credit management, contracts and alternative dispute resolution. But who’s Terry’s go-to guy? It’s Edward de Bono (the leading authority in creative thinking, not Bono the rock god). Terry’s mantra is “if you keep doing the same old things the same old way, you’ll never know if there’s a better way.”

With wisdom like that, we don’t like keeping Terry all to ourselves. Terry regularly presents at seminars, conferences and in-house training. He helped develop – and has delivered – the Australian Institute of Credit Management training and qualification courses and he is the author of several articles relating to legal and credit management issues. Best get busy reading. Or better yet, give Terry a call to make him your go-to-guy too.

If you can’t find Terry in his office surrounded by his prized Phantom memorabilia, you’ll probably find him brainwashing anyone who’ll listen about how the Parramatta Eels are going to win the next premiership (any day now).


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