Insolvency & Restructure

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We Help …

  • We help Clients with Customers who are under financial stress.
  • We help Clients who are under financial stress themselves and need advice on how to salvage their business or minimise risk.
  • We help Insolvency Practitioners who need advice about insolvent trading, uncommercial transactions, unfair preference claims, disposal of assets and PPSA.
  • We help Clients who are dealing with Administrators, Liquidators, Receivers & Managers and Trustees in Bankruptcy, including defending unfair preference Claims and PPSA disputes.

We Understand …

  • We understand that a restructured organisation may be better than no organisation at all.
  • We understand the early warning signs of financial distress that should not be ignored.
  • We understand the true cost and impact of a bad debt.
  • We understand the intricacies of both Corporate & Personal Insolvency and that this process can sometimes be daunting.

We Do …

  • We advise on all aspects of Corporate and Personal Insolvency, including the nuts and bolts of Voluntary Administrations, Deed of Company Arrangements, Liquidations, PPSA claims, Insolvent Trading, Unfair Preference Claims, Bankruptcies, and alternative regimes.
  • We attend Creditor’s meetings, Court hearings and formal appointments.
  • We can help structure a business to protect assets and implement policies and procedures to help minimise risk.

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