Credit Management & Collections

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We Help …

  • We help Directors, CFOs, Finance Directors, Credit Managers, Credit Controllers, and Company Accountants effectively deal with the management of what is the biggest asset a business has – the value of the receivables.
  • We help our Clients maintain their relationship with their Customers, especially when cash flow is tight. Just because a Customer can’t pay doesn’t mean they won’t. Managing the credit risk in difficult times builds Customer loyalty.
  • We help our Clients increase sales by verifying their Customer’s credit worthiness. By using our innovative and enhanced security agreements, our Clients are often prepared to extend credit facilities to help grow their business.

We Understand …

  • We understand the day to day pressures Credit and Finance Professionals are subjected to, including often being under resourced.
  • We understand the strict monthly reporting cycle including DSO’s, collection targets and the meeting of KPIs.
  • We understand the need to build Customer loyalty – by being ready to assist Customers under financial pressures, they can become your Customers for life.
  • We understand the central role played by the Credit area and how it can add value to the entire organisation.

We Do …

  • We review and provide advice on the entire Credit Management process from when the Customer first comes on board. This includes Credit Applications, Terms and Conditions, Guarantees, Security Agreements, Collection Paths and advising effective recovery options.
  • We ensure all Company documentation is up to date and legally compliant.
  • We advise on all laws affecting the Credit area including Privacy, PPSA, Company and Consumer Act and the Corporations Act.
  • We provide in-house and on-line training for Credit and Finance professionals.

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