Dispute Resolution & Litigation

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We Help …

  • We help Clients who need to resolve any commercial disputes concerning all aspects of their business. This includes contractual disputes, partnership and shareholder disputes, Customer and Supplier disputes and Security of Payment and Construction disputes.
  • We help Clients assess all of their options at an early stage – litigation is just one of many ways to achieve the outcome that you want to achieve.
  • We help our Clients take control of their disputes in the most cost effective manner possible and suggest ways to minimise the chances of a similar dispute arising again.

We Understand …

  • We understand that going to Court costs Management time, significant effort by our Clients to gather evidence and the expense of expert witnesses, expert reports and legal fees.
  • We understand that this time, effort and expense can often be better directed towards negotiating a commercial outcome.
  • We are sensitive to the fact that often a dispute needs to be resolved, while still maintaining an ongoing relationship with a Customer or Supplier.

We Do …

  • We explore alternative dispute resolution methods to keep our Clients out of Court wherever possible. This approach gives our Clients more control over the costs and outcome of a dispute.
  • Where litigation is unavoidable, we guide you through the process because we know what to expect and how to achieve the best outcome for your business.
  • We put ourselves in your shoes and share the burden of litigation for you wherever we can.
  • We have acted for Plaintiffs, Defendants, Applicants and Respondents – this gives us greater insight into the strategies employed by all sides.
  • We are practical, constructive and commercial in our approach to dispute resolution and negotiation.

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