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The work we do defines all of us.

It shows our character, our values, our aspirations and our strengths. We provide sound commercial advice to clients to assist them in pursuit of their goals. We have sharpened our focus over many years and we have a depth of knowledge and experience that we add to continually to benefit you, the most important person in our practice.

Unlike other firms, we don’t have a one size fits all approach to legal work. We don’t believe a weightlifter is the best fit for a 100m sprint. Our firm has a unique skill set in particular areas. We know what we are good at, we focus on it, improving our knowledge and expertise and using our skills to benefit you.

That is what we do…….

Credit Management & Collections

We work with Clients who want to improve their Credit Management and Collections process. We design specific credit documentation, practices and procedures which give our Clients improved cash flow, fewer bad debts and enhanced security over the value of receivables, which is often the largest asset that a business has.

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Insolvency & Restructure

We work with Clients to help them identify the causes and early warning signs of financial distress, either with their Customers, or in their own business. We advise our Clients at every stage of the insolvency process, from restructure and turnaround, all the way through to advising relevant stakeholders on insolvency litigation.

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Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We work with Clients who want to resolve commercial disputes in a cost effective, constructive and practical manner. No two disputes are ever the same, but our ability to tailor our extensive litigation experience to our Clients’ specific business ensures outstanding success rates, peace of mind and control.

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Business & Commercial Law

We work with Clients who need strategic advice on commercial transactions, contracts and business documents. Unlike other law firms, we freely invest our time in our Clients to fully understand their business. This means we are better able to provide forward thinking, targeted and informed advice.

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Our Clients Tell Us We Are…

  • Transparent
    In everything we do

  • Proactive
    Always looking for the best solution

  • Professional
    When we represent them in the marketplace

  • Practical
    In all of our advice

  • Accessible
    We do not screen calls so you are able to contact us at anytime

  • Passionate
    About helping our clients

Don’t take their word for it: see for yourself.


Our Latest Insights

Take a look at some of our insights, case studies and articles to see how we have helped our Clients and how we can help you.

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