The Top 19 of 2019

We’re calling it – forget New Year’s resolutions, New Year reflections are where it’s at.

As the year comes to an end, we’re looking back on the 2019 that was and celebrating the wins no matter how big or small. Here’s our Top 19 of 2019:

  1. Happy Lawyer = Happy Life! Starting the year off right, we took Clarissa Rayward – the Happy Family Lawyer’s 7 day happiness challenge to translate positive attitudes into positive client outcomes. Winning!
  2. The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) had a 7-year anniversary. Did someone say the ‘7 year itch’? Because it meant that all 7 year registrations would begin lapsing! Have you kept on top of your registrations this year?
  3. We wrote about the tips and tricks of Assigning a Liquidator’s Cause of Action – ‘cause we all know that sh*t ain’t just some fancy wizardry!
  4. Holly and Natalie once again got involved with the Ladies Insolvency Professionals (LIPS) for another year, building on old connections and making new ones throughout the year. You go girls!
  5. #doinglawdifferently We got innovative at the Centre for Legal Innovation’s mini-sprint on legal design thinking. The mission: can we fix the law firm business model? Challenge accepted!
  6. Can you trust a Trust? Terry and Holly presented at the 2019 NSW CreditorWatch Roundtable on making trading trusts more transparent. Trust us, it was great.
  7. Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the roses. In 2019 we practiced gratitude for all the great things in our lives – wonderful clients, supportive colleagues and BEIGE FOOD!
  8. We brought you “the Feels” – a light-hearted guide to avoiding debtor heartbreak. *Insert emoji with heart eyes here*
  9. Our colleague, Holly, celebrated 2 years as a Ledlin Lawyer and was appointed to Associate. No, she’s not changing her name to Holly Ledlin but we’re happy for someone to start a petition. Congrats, Holly!
  10. Vivid Sydney was upon us during May and June where we got to meet new friends and catch up with old ones, all while wearing neon flashing lights.
  11. We helped some of our clients through “the Funk” of recovering from debtor breakup.
  12. What’s up, doc!? 2019 was all about documents, documents and more documents. We saw a rise in our business clients realising that the best way to protect against future disputes is having the right documents at the very start. If you want to register on the PPSR, you’ve gotta have the right documents. If you want to limit your risk and better protect your assets, you’ve gotta have the right documents. If you want to better manage customer relationships, you’ve gottta have the right documents.  Why wait for something to go wrong?
  13. Melbourne got a dose of Ledlin Lawyers at the 2019 VIC CreditorWatch Round Table with Trusts, Trusts and more Trusts. There’s those pesky hats again!
  14. We can be your wingman anytime… We took the Highway to the Danger Zone at the Pitcher Partners 2019 National Conference, where the need for speed (and costumes) was high!
  15. Our practice director, Natalie, celebrated 10 years as a solicitor, legal eagle, hero in a suit, and all-round boss lady. We can’t wait to see what she can achieve for us and our clients in the next 10. Congrats, Natalie!
  16. Terry LED the charge (see what we did there) at the CAANZ 2019 Annual NSW Sailing Regatta. Not only were we lucky enough to snag the win, but we came away with some serious skillz and great relationships to boot.
  17. Don’t mess with Ledlin Lawyers in a debate! Natalie and her team came away from the 2019 AICM National Conference with top honours and bragging rights by convincing us that unfair preferences are a sign of a highly functioning credit team. #sorrynotsorry
  18. It was “Hats off to Trusts” with Ledlin Lawyers showing you how to make trading trusts more transparent, in a practical and visual way – watch this space because 2019 saw us create something special with CreditorWatch.
  19. 2019 saw us develop the LEDcheck Contract Health Check – a scoring system designed to quickly and cost effectively diagnose the condition of your business documentation. Why pay $$$ and wait weeks for a lawyer to review your Terms & Conditions when LEDcheck can do it for you in 24 hours free of charge? Exactly. Start the new decade with a competitive edge by knowing your LEDcheck score now.  Request your LEDcheck Contract Health Check today!

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