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Practical Tips

The Credit areas that are committed to constant learning and improvement are those that are making a real difference to the business. Take a look at our different approach to KPI’s.

KPI’s – Are we measuring the right things

Click the link below to view the slides and associated notes from our presentation at the AICM 2016 National Conference on Problem solving.

We discuss proven methods and processes specifically designed to help you solve your most challenging problems. You will learn fundamental steps, mind shifts and a new and different approach which will build a platform for critical thinking, creativity and, ultimately, innovation.

Problem Solving – The Number 1 Skill You Need to Thrive in the Future

Training Case Studies

In this month’s Case Study we meet Malcolm, an ambitious Credit Manager keen to advance his career no matter what the cost or the risk. Malcolm sets out on a path which delivers early promising results but soon the cracks start appearing, Malcolm’s world is starting to disintegrate and as he struggles to keep up, our Case Study asks you to help him with his Moment of Truth. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this Case Study prepared by Ledlin Lawyers.

Ledlin Lawyers Case Study – Malcolm’s Moment of Truth

You Be The Judge

Think you know the law? YOU BE THE JUDGE

Your new Customer Doh-Nut Thyme suddenly goes into Liquidation. Luckily, you registered your security interest on the PPSR and you now consider yourself a secured creditor. You promptly give the Liquidator details of your security interest.

You receive notice of a creditors’ meeting requiring a completed Proof of Debt Form to vote. Consumed by sugar cravings, you fill out the POD but don’t make any reference to your security. After all, you’ve already advised the Liquidator of your security interest and he’s busy fighting the ATO’s application to have him replaced.

The Liquidator contacts you saying that you have surrendered your security because your POD made no reference to it and instead was for the full value of your debt. You now rank as an ordinary unsecured creditor! That feeling in your stomach is not hunger but stress.

Your blood sugar levels drop so you reach for a donut and call your lawyers. They file an application seeking a declaration that even though you voted in respect of your whole debt, you did not surrender your security. You emotionally eat donuts while nervously waiting for the outcome of the Court case.

So.. Did you surrender your security interest? Read the Case Note below to find out!

Case Note – In the matter of Glacier Ceiling Battens Pty Ltd (In Liq) [2017] NSWSC 1832


Check out our infographic for a summary of the temporary changes to insolvency laws brought in as a result of COVID-19

Infographic Covid19 Insolvency Changes

What happens if you suddenly get hit with a data breach? How would you handle it? We’ve created a checklist to get you thinking about your response to a breach. How does your current plan stack up?

Data Breach Response Plan – Ledlin Lawyers

1 year Bankruptcy – have you heard about the Bankruptcy Amendment (Enterprise Incentives) Bill 2017?

The Bill aims to deregulate Australia’s bankruptcy laws, mainly by reducing default time periods associated with bankruptcy from 3 years to 1 year – including discharge of bankruptcy after 1 year instead of 3, easing restrictions on overseas travel, credit accessibility and company board eligibility, and reducing barriers to certain licences and professions.

Many in the insolvency industry are skeptical that the Bill will achieve its set goals; instead creating unintended consequences and encouraging certain bankrupts to skirt the system (did someone say former deputy mayor of Auburn?)

Australia’s insolvency laws are said by some to be the harshest in the world – will loosening the belt on bankruptcy really boost entrepreneurial business? Will we actually say sayonara to stigma? Or will the cuts simply cramp creditors’ style?

We’ve gone back to basics with a classic ‘pros and cons’ of the Bill. How might they affect you or your clients and customers? Do you have your own SWOT analysis?

1 year Bankruptcy Infographic

The Personal Property Securities Act (“PPSA”) can be very confusing for lawyers and even more so for the lay person.

The PPSA is designed to allow personal property (not real estate but goods and chattels and certain rights) to be used as security for a financial transaction.

We’ve prepared this simple plain-English guide to help explain some of the key terms in the PPSA.

This refresher should get you back into the mindset to tackle the PPSA – and remember – start your renewal process well before January 2019!

PPSA Key Terms

Click the link below to view the slides and associated notes from our presentation at the AICM 2018 National Conference on Unlocking The Importance of Privacy.

This was a fun filled session on privacy basics, tips on how to approach mandatory data breach notifications and details about the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Unlocking the Importance of Privacy – 2018 AICM National Conference Presentation Slides

Career Tips

Psychology allows us to look at things differently. Ever thought about how you think? Here are some cognitive biases that can influence how you think courtesy of Business Insider Australia.

If you are aware of these it may lead to you being better prepared for that next “meaningful discussion” you are about to have.

It’s a word that gets tossed up often but do you appreciate what it really means? Here are some ideas that will (hopefully) get you thinking…

Call yourself Professional – Let’s see how you measure up

Want to make your presence felt? Here are some tips to make your mark.

10 Key Elements of Success for Credit Managers

General Articles of Interest

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