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PPSA is a piece of legislation established by the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth) (PPSA) that regulates and administers the Personal Property Security Register, which is the register of security interests. PPSA provides a clear set of rules for creating and competing for valid security interests.

Here at Ledlin Lawyers, we have a team of legal experts who are committed to delivering practical and commercial advice concerning the PPSA. Our professional lawyers will individually tailor advice related to PPS registration (perfection) that best suit your business needs. As a renowned law firm in Sydney, we guarantee to offer you the best advice and approaches that will safeguard your business.

How Can Our Lawyers Assist Your Business Under Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (PPSA)?

Did you know the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) in Australia impacts agriculture, automobile, commercial leasing, construction, construction, corporate trusts, financial services, and State Government?

Our team of professional lawyers have an advanced legal and practical understanding of the PPSA and the risks related to all businesses that operate in all the above-mentioned industries and more across Australia.

At Ledlin Lawyers, we offer quality advice to business owners, company secretaries, credit officers, financiers, general counsels, lawyers, and the government on how PPSA affects their business. We also guide businesses with the policies, procedures and amendments to contracts they should implement pertaining to PPSA to protect their interests. We focus on assisting you with how to best use the priority rules under the PPSA, to limit any potential creditor claiming security interests in your company assets.

Why Register On The PPSR?

Registering for PPSR is optional. But if you have a security interest, we recommend perfecting your business to protect it from competing creditors who may claim assets. If you don't register on the PPSR, you risk losing your goods or put your business at stake with no finance. Here's why you should consider PPSR registration:

For More Legal Protection

Regardless of any written agreement having a list of terms and conditions, your business may be still vulnerable to competing creditors. A single piece of a written agreement is not enough to protect your business. To obtain complete protection, you should register your security interest on the PPSR. Registering PPSR will educate people that your personal property such as cars, goods or company assets have security interests over them. Besides, PPSR registration also offers your business extra rights in the property it's registered over.

To Obtain Your Goods Back and For Priority

If you don't register your security interest on PPSR and your customer goes solvent (before paying the full amount), you can expect three things:

  1. The loss of property
  2. The insolvency practitioner selling your goods for the benefit of all creditors
  3. Those who have already registered a security interest on the PPSR could be ahead of you to get their goods or money back

By registering your security interest on PPSR, you will not risk losing your goods. In case your customer goes solvent, it will be to help you to obtain your goods back.

To Allow Insolvency Practitioner To Find You

By registering your security interest on PPSR, you make things easier for the insolvency practitioner. The insolvency practitioner will search the PPSR to find the potential secured creditors. If you have registered a security interest on the PPSR, the insolvency practitioner can include you on the priority list for repayment. Always keep your contact up to date on the PPSR registration

Who Can Register
Security Interest?

Anyone can register their security interest on PPSR - from businesses, individuals to organisations. Generally, those who have a security interest in the property are supposed to register on PPSR. People who register their security interests on PPSR are known as the 'secured party'. The secured party includes:

  • The lender - Those involved in the secured loan arrangement.
  • The credit provider - Those who have provided goods on credit.
  • The lessor - Those involved in a lease arrangement.
  • The consignor - Those who have offered to sell goods on a commercial consignment basis.

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How Can Our Legal Expert Help You?

Our team of legal experts can assist with:

  • Considering PPSR application to a business
  • Preparing procedures for your business to manage implications of the PPSA
  • Guiding you regarding the registration and amending of a security interest on the PPS Register
  • Guiding you or your staff with undertaking registrations on the PPSR
  • Preparing any terms and conditions that require compliance to the PPSA
  • Advising on or dealing with disputes

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