How effective is the PPSA clause in your terms and conditions?

Take our free and easy PPSA LEDcheck to diagnose the quality of your PPSA clause.


The Personal Property Securities Act has been around since 2012. But how much do you really know about it? When was the last time you reviewed your PPSA clause? Does it actually create a security interest? Are you protected the way you think you are? Can you actually register on the PPSR?

We’ve been advising on the PPSA and the PPSR since the Act was introduced and we understand that it’s a confusing area of law. That’s why we developed our PPSA LEDcheck – to help you identify the risks in your PPSA clause.

Submit your PPSA clause for testing today and find out where you can improve.


Step OneUpload your contracts or terms and conditions. 

Step Two
Get your PPSA LEDcheck score out of 10 and identify any high, medium or low risks with the PPSA clause in your contract. 

Step Three
Decide on the PPSA LEDcheck solution that works for you and get your current PPSA clauses and processes up to date. 

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