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If you’re in business, you will have to be a party to a contract. Virtually every business transaction is done through a binding contract, whether it’s a contract of sale or a shareholders’ agreement. And when an agreement falls apart, a well-prepared contract can protect your interests and rights.

Do you need help with preparing a business contract or reviewing an existing contract? With our legal expertise and tenacity, Ledlin Lawyers will help you with all of your business needs. Our contract lawyers have years of experience in examining and drafting different kinds of commercial agreements. Let us give you the best legal advice to help you run and expand your business.

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What Is A Business Contract?

A business contract is a legally binding business agreement between two parties. These parties can be individuals, corporations, or other legal entities. In a business contract, there must be an offer extended by one party, which is then officially accepted by the other.

Every business contract should have the following elements:

  • A promise to deliver something or to perform a service or duty
  • A consideration in exchange for that delivery or performance (typically money)
  • An intention to create a legal relationship
  • The terms and conditions of the parties’ agreement
  • The time requirements (such as a deadline or period) for delivery or performance.

Once the contract has been formally agreed to, all parties must do their agreed part. The contract creates rights and responsibilities for everyone involved. Agreed payments must be given, and agreed services must be performed. If someone fails to comply, this is when parties either try to negotiate or take the issue to court.

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Contracts Can Be Verbal Or Written

Contracts can be verbal, written, or a combination of both. However, Australian law requires certain types of business contracts to be written, such as the sale of land or lease of a building. This is because verbal contracts rely on the honesty and detailed memory of all parties involved.

If a verbal contract is disputed, it can be very difficult to prove its terms, let alone its existence. We always advise our clients to get agreements in writing. If you have a verbal agreement that you need to enforce, contact us for help – we can get to work on making a written version for all the parties to sign.

We Can Resolve Your Contract Disputes

Ideally, all parties do what they agreed to in the contract. Sadly, this is often not the case. Some parties may disagree over terms of use or payment, or there may be a problem with delivered goods. It’s in these situations that our contract lawyers can give you a helping hand.

There are two options available when you’re facing a contract dispute: negotiate a settlement, or go to court. Litigation can be a long and expensive process, so one of our main priorities in a dispute is to help everyone come to a new agreement. By reaching a settlement that is beneficial for everyone, we can help you avoid the stress and expense of filing legal proceedings.

However, there are some cases where you have no choice but to file a suit to protect your business. Our lawyers will work around the clock to ensure you have expert legal advice. We’ll represent you in court and walk you through every step, seeking the best possible outcome for you and your business.

We Handle Different Types Of Commercial Agreements

This is by no means an exclusive list. Let us know what kind of contract you have in mind for your business, and we can get started on drafting it right away. During a contract’s review or preparation, we’re happy to explain terms and get your feedback – so don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.

Contract disputes can be messy and complicated, so a seasoned legal team’s support is invaluable. By hiring our experienced contract lawyers, you can let us handle the legal work while you focus on running your business. While we get to work, we’ll keep you updated and explain the legal processes so you always know how your case is going.

Contact us at Ledlin Lawyers for a free consultation on your contract problems. No matter what kind of commercial contract you need, we’re happy to review it or prepare it to help your business.

  • Agreements to buy and sell goods
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Commercial and retail leases
  • Licensing agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Credit arrangements
  • Joint ventures
  • Partnership agreements
  • Terms of trade
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Management agreements

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