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5 Types of (non-physical) Contact You Must Make NOW

So, we’re all in iso because of rona, we’ve been told not to be magpies at the supermarket and to maintain social distancing. Whilst we wholeheartedly agree with that advice, there ARE five types of (non-physical) contact we think you should still be making to help your business get through [...]

Contract Countdown Series – Most Dangerous Contract Risks #14

Last week in our new ‘Contract Countdown’ series, where we look at the most dangerous risks in your contracts, we showed you how references to out of date legislation can wreak havoc with your business. This week, coming in at #14 on Contract Countdown is jurisdiction #14 - JURISDICTION We really [...]

Contract Countdown Series – Most Dangerous Contract Risks #15

It’s undeniable – everyone loves a countdown. Who hasn’t high-fived their colleague on ‘hump day’, the halfway point to TGIF? Guilty. The Triple J Hottest 100 is legendary amongst summer barbeque goers. Yep, that’s us.  “Top Ten Ways to” this and “Fast Five Ways to” that fill our news feeds [...]

In A Credit Policy Pickle? No Need to Get Indigestion

Did someone say it was International Burger Month? Or is it just that we’re developing a taste for something exotic? In any case, here’s a little slice of Credit Policy Pie that is easy to digest. Credit Jams Let’s be straight up about this: writing (and thinking) about Credit Policy [...]

How to Unravel the Knots in Your T&Cs – Part 2

We didn’t want to leave you hanging after our Part 1 of our knotty little article where we addressed the pain points associated with your Terms and Conditions (from your perspective as a Supplier). We showed you how to recognise when your Terms and Conditions or business documentation need to [...]

How to Unravel the Knots in Your T&Cs – Part 1

Every knot was once a straight rope It’s one of those expressions that catches you off guard, when you first read it you do a mental double take until you figure out what it means. What it means is that at some stage your problem/challenge/issue never existed and now….it does. [...]

5 Fresh Features Your Terms and Conditions Need in 2020

“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen R Covey – Habit #2) Tired of setting personal goals that you have forgotten by the time Australia Day rolls around? Us too. We love New Year as a time to review, revitalise, and set new personal goals but in 2020, at the [...]

The Top 19 of 2019

We’re calling it - forget New Year’s resolutions, New Year reflections are where it’s at. As the year comes to an end, we’re looking back on the 2019 that was and celebrating the wins no matter how big or small. Here’s our Top 19 of 2019: Happy Lawyer = Happy [...]

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due – How To Develop Your Credit Policy: A Step by Step “Little Bit Different” Guide

Did you know that the expression “giving credit where credit is due” can be traced back to a letter written by Samuel Adams in 1777 (that’s one of our American cousin’s Founding Fathers, not the iconic Boston beer of the same name)? It means to acknowledge some accomplishment performed by a person in circumstances [...]

Has your ex (Customer) got you in “the Funk”? A light-hearted guide to recovering from debtor breakup

In our last article, we explored what happens when you have the “Feels” for a Customer and how to avoid debtor heartbreak (check it out here). The “Funk” is that ensuing feeling you get when you realise the Customer you have supported, fought for, gone out on a limb for, and even (rarely) told [...]