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Contract Countdown Series – Most Dangerous Contract Risks #15

It’s undeniable – everyone loves a countdown. Who hasn’t high-fived their colleague on ‘hump day’, the halfway point to TGIF? Guilty. The Triple J Hottest 100 is legendary amongst summer barbeque goers. Yep, that’s us.  “Top Ten Ways to” this and “Fast Five Ways to” that fill our news feeds [...]

5 Fresh Features Your Terms and Conditions Need in 2020

“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen R Covey – Habit #2) Tired of setting personal goals that you have forgotten by the time Australia Day rolls around? Us too. We love New Year as a time to review, revitalise, and set new personal goals but in 2020, at the [...]

The Top 19 of 2019

We’re calling it - forget New Year’s resolutions, New Year reflections are where it’s at. As the year comes to an end, we’re looking back on the 2019 that was and celebrating the wins no matter how big or small. Here’s our Top 19 of 2019: Happy Lawyer = Happy [...]

Toil And Trouble: Assigning A Liquidator’s Cause of Action – Is It A Practical Power Or Just Fancy Wizardry?

Liquidators have a long list of powers and hold a pivotal role in the lifetime of a company – a charmed life, perhaps? The spellbook Corporations Act has always enchanted a liquidator with the ability to deal with company property, including causes of action. Abracadabra, section 477! In the Land of Oz, thanks to [...]

A Sign of the Times: Our 5 Predictions for 2019

It has been said that the best way to cope with the future is to create it. Easier said than done, but it does start just like Neil Armstrong did when he tumbled down that ladder onto the moon – with one small step. That step, as any stargazer will tell you, is to [...]

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The PPSA regime has been operating since 2012, yet credit professionals, insolvency experts and legal practitioners alike are still trying to decide whether it’s a blessing or a curse. If you thought you were an expert by now, we recently shared some interesting points here in our PPSA: Did You [...]

Banking Behaviour Boils Over: A royal reminder of Director’s Duties

It’s a well-known fable - a frog will immediately jump out of boiling water when suddenly dropped into it; but when gradually heated from tepid water, a frog becomes accustomed and boils alive. We’ve seen several “boiled frogs” at the Banking Royal Commission in recent weeks, with the grilling of [...]

It’s Hammer Time: Can’t Touch This! or… Can You?

Financial distress in business usually manifests itself with non-payment of statutory obligations, including PAYG and superannuation. Those monies rightfully belong to an employee, but also represent an easy target when cash flow dries up. In an attempt to provide transparency and to help prevent this non-payment, the Federal Government’s Digital [...]

Payment Surcharge Ban Can Pop Anyone’s Balloon…. Don’t Let It Burst Yours

You have probably heard about Red Balloon being pricked by the ACCC for allegedly overcharging a small number of Customers for excessive payment surcharges. Regulators have a habit of going after well-known businesses to get the message out that the rules apply to everyone no matter the size of the business. If you hadn’t [...]