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Are Personal Guarantees the New Walking Dead? 5 Ways to Plan for the Apocalypse

We’ve all heard it. Experts are predicting that an army of zombie businesses are quietly marching towards the Australian economy in September when the government starts to reduce its support measures. At Ledlin Lawyers we frequently act for suppliers to enforce their personal guarantees. And if companies are the zombies [...]

PPE: Privacy Protective Equipment Series – Part 2

PPE Part Two – Data Security during COVID-19 Executive Summary In PPE Part One, we took you through the protection of Personal Information, COVID-style. The aim is not just continued compliance with your organisation’s obligations under the Privacy Act 1988, but to prepare and protect the security of personal information [...]

PPE: Privacy Protective Equipment Series – Part 1

A guide for businesses to protect personal information and maintain data security during COVID-19 Drumroll please… welcome to Privacy Awareness Week (4 May to 10 May 2020), a yearly initiative of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. We’ve always been supporters of PAW, but certainly now - whether by [...]

Contract Countdown Series – Most Dangerous Risks #13

If you’ve been following our Contract Countdown series, you’ll know that we’ve been counting down from #15 to #1 for changes you can make to your Terms and Conditions of Sale that would enhance the trading relationship between a Supplier and a Customer. To refresh your memory, see #15 – [...]

Contract Countdown Series – Most Dangerous Contract Risks #14

Last week in our new ‘Contract Countdown’ series, where we look at the most dangerous risks in your contracts, we showed you how references to out of date legislation can wreak havoc with your business. This week, coming in at #14 on Contract Countdown is jurisdiction #14 - JURISDICTION We really [...]

Contract Countdown Series – Most Dangerous Contract Risks #15

It’s undeniable – everyone loves a countdown. Who hasn’t high-fived their colleague on ‘hump day’, the halfway point to TGIF? Guilty. The Triple J Hottest 100 is legendary amongst summer barbeque goers. Yep, that’s us.  “Top Ten Ways to” this and “Fast Five Ways to” that fill our news feeds [...]

5 Fresh Features Your Terms and Conditions Need in 2020

“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen R Covey – Habit #2) Tired of setting personal goals that you have forgotten by the time Australia Day rolls around? Us too. We love New Year as a time to review, revitalise, and set new personal goals but in 2020, at the [...]

The Top 19 of 2019

We’re calling it - forget New Year’s resolutions, New Year reflections are where it’s at. As the year comes to an end, we’re looking back on the 2019 that was and celebrating the wins no matter how big or small. Here’s our Top 19 of 2019: Happy Lawyer = Happy [...]

Toil And Trouble: Assigning A Liquidator’s Cause of Action – Is It A Practical Power Or Just Fancy Wizardry?

Liquidators have a long list of powers and hold a pivotal role in the lifetime of a company – a charmed life, perhaps? The spellbook Corporations Act has always enchanted a liquidator with the ability to deal with company property, including causes of action. Abracadabra, section 477! In the Land of Oz, thanks to [...]

A Sign of the Times: Our 5 Predictions for 2019

It has been said that the best way to cope with the future is to create it. Easier said than done, but it does start just like Neil Armstrong did when he tumbled down that ladder onto the moon – with one small step. That step, as any stargazer will tell you, is to [...]

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