#2020 – It’s a Wrap

5 Major Events You Missed Or Just Plain Forgot About

Well as 2020 (finally) comes to an end, I think we speak for everyone when we say BRING ON 2021! Although it wasn’t the year we had all planned (and most definitely didn’t live up to the famous Instagram caption “2020 Vision”), we like to think we have come out stronger, more united, and with a new found love for… working from home.

Our 2020 wrap up this year may not be as upbeat and… shall we say nostalgic …… as other years but as per tradition, here are our top 5 MAJOR EVENTS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED OR JUST PLAIN FORGOT!



The new decade started off with horrific bushfires blazing across more than 45 million acres of Australian land and resulting in 34 deaths.  Our thanks go out to all of the professional and volunteer firefighters who worked nonstop and risked their lives to save our homes, animals, and livelihood. Several animal care providers stepped in to care for injured animals and people worldwide showed their support through generous donations. Good on ya Australia!



Coming in at number two is Harry and Meghan’s very MESSY Royal Exit. We know what you’re thinking… yes, that happened in 2020 and yes, we highly recommend season 4 of The Crown on Netflix. Their duties officially ended on 31 March 2020 and the news came with A LOT of scrutiny. The likely truth is that these days nobody gives a flying fig about the Royals anymore. Word on the street is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made a new high profile podcast deal with Spotify; pity, we were hoping for a Christmas album.



Who would have guessed that Joe and Kamala would win the US election and take the reins of the largest health disaster in modern times? Certainly not POTUS who, despite berating fake news of a loss, seems to be tone-deaf. Will he be carried out after supergluing himself to the Oval Office desk or will sanity prevail? Somehow the word Trump will be a sad reminder of the chaos he caused to the world. One thing we now know for sure – Joe’s age of 78 sure trumps Donald’s age of 74.



This was the year that BLM made its mark on the world. The movement led to huge street rallies, protests and high-profile campaigns against racism and police brutality in the USA and other countries. BLM has paved the way for a spotlight on anti-racism, anti-discrimination, gender-neutral pronouns and gender equality. Is it time we worked harder on the things that unite us rather than the things that divide us? If 2020 has taught us anything, it is certainly that we are all in this together (apologies about the cliches but this stuff needs to be said).



2020 saw new words being thrown around like gov’mint prop up money. Covid, lockdown, WFH, Jobkeeper, Jobseeker, Zoom, social distancing, iso, rona, face mask, flattening the curve, remote working, and even Karen were just a few to keep up with. On the legal side (since we are lawyers after all!) we had Debtor in Possession, Zombie apocalypse, electronic witnessing, simplified liquidations, and small business restructuring practitioners. One new word that no one will forget for 2020 is PANDEMIC – that also happens to be considered by many to be the Word of the Year for 2020. As the Bee Gees said, “It’s only words and words are all I have”. Never were those lyrics more meaningful than this year.


2021 can’t come quick enough but let’s take the time to reflect for a moment on how far we have come this year and what life skills we have learned before starting out fresh again next year. It really is the journey rather than the destination.

See you in 2021!


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