A Sign of the Times: Our 5 Predictions for 2019

A Sign of the Times: Our 5 Predictions for 2019

It has been said that the best way to cope with the future is to create it. Easier said than done, but it does start just like Neil Armstrong did when he tumbled down that ladder onto the moon – with one small step. That step, as any stargazer will tell you, is to gather your data and do some analysis (crystal balls, Madam Zelda and tarot cards probably won’t cut it).

Never fear, we have done the hard yards for you. We’ve explored what lies ahead based on current trends, we’ve probed the inner depths of our conscious minds (and even the unconscious bits) and we now present for your entertainment and enlightenment our 5 Star Crossed predictions for 2019.

The future now belongs to you…


2018 saw the Australian housing market combust and many economists are predicting the downturn to continue well into 2019. Will it be the worst Australians have seen in 40 years? Only the universe will tell. But if it does reach unchartered territory, fears could be realised in the broader economy with another potential cut to the cash rate, significant spending slumps and impacts on unemployment.

A political eclipse is set for 2019 with a potential change in the NSW government in March and the Federal election in May. We will see passionate Fire Signs blazing the campaign trails; but at the polls, emotive Water Signs will choose heart over head, logical Air Signs will make an intellectual decision and practical Earth Signs will be guided by the implications of their vote. One thing is for sure, the Coalition will feel the effects of past leadership spills.

Speaking of overturning leaders, the US only needs to look to Australian politics for inspiration if they want to dump Trump in 2019. Many commentators think that he will remain President into next year despite whispers of impeachment. As for Europe, Brexit will continue to dominate the news scene with time running out before the deal must be done in March. Another referendum could also be on the astrological cards.


When the PPSR first commenced on 30 January 2012, businesses began registering their securities for 7 years. This means that many registrations will begin to expire this 31 January 2019. If you’re an organised Virgo, you’ll have your planets in line by starting your PPSR renewals process well in advance. But if you’re a procrastinating Pisces, you better kick your zodiac into gear! The fallout of unintended PPSR lapses could be seen well into 2019 with liquidator disputes, mistakenly lost securities and unrecoverable debts.

Last year witnessed several major data breaches from the likes of MyFitnessPal (150 million people), Marriot Starwood hotels (5 million people), and Facebook (29 million) just to name a few. Data breaches are no longer a question of luck for businesses – they’re written in the stars.  2019 will see more frequent and larger breaches continuing, with a stronger focus on data security and cyber protection. Whatever your star sign is, you will want to ensure that your business is compliant with the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme and a Data Breach Response Plan – otherwise it could be one data breach asteroid away from oblivion.

New legislation for “Director Identification Numbers” is expected to be entered in 2019, with the Treasury Laws Amendment (Registries Modernisation and Other Measures) Bill 2018 released on 1 October 2018. Directors won’t just be ruled by the lunar cycles in 2019, but also a personal identifier similar to a TFN. The measure is intended to crack down on illegal phoenixing by requiring new directors to apply for a DIN within 28 days of appointment, and current directors within 15 months of the new law. Horror(scope) penalties apply for noncompliance so keep your telescope on the lookout for this one.


The social stratosphere is in retrograde during 2019, as we experience a ‘de-connection’ in the use of social media. We have wisened up to the social ineptness and mental health issues that come with excessive screen time. Changing beauty and fashion trends are scaling back photoshopped perfection and the #InstaLife, which will pave the way for “real”, “natural” and “unfiltered” ideas to emerge. People oriented Cancer-borns are set to benefit with big demands for face time over screen time, and phones being put away at meetings and dinners. Has the age of constant distraction met its black hole moment?

Similarly, holidays in 2019 will see a move towards ‘socially conscious’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ trips. As the millennial generation continues to push a values-based approach, adventurous Sagittarians will help us get creative by vacationing for a shorter time and in our own backyard. However, there is always one futurist Aquarian amongst us who will lead the pack with their bold, new ideas about private spaceflights and undersea cruises. To infinity, and beyond!


2019 sees the business landscape in transit with two major changes. The first is the fallout of the Banking Royal Commission which will bring further credit crunches, both in business and consumer lending. The Commissioner’s final report is due by 1 February 2019 – there will be a new moon in regulator shake-up, strict recommendations for reform and potentially civil and criminal charges. Banking CEO’s with signs in ambitious Capricorn and egoistic Leo could be replaced by diplomatic Librans and virtuous Virgos.

Corporate Political Activism and the rise of the Chief Ethics Officer is also set to dominate in 2019. Social awareness, political values and ethical principles are intermingling with business more and more. The next step up in corporate social responsibility, CPA is eliminating the days where companies are expected to remain neutral. In 2019, neutral will equal irrelevance. The universe is demanding that businesses live values that are aligned with the values of their customers.


The notion of work/life balance is on the cusp of change in 2019. Workplace flexibility is not just a part-time currency around the traditional 9-5, but is now a question of “when” “where” and “how”. Work is no longer just a place to go, but is something that is done (however that looks for the individual). The boundaries between what is life and what is work are continually blurred by emerging technologies. That’s also where the “work wellness” movement comes into play – happiness, mental health at work, and mindfulness will be the expected social contract throughout 2019.

With the continued development of AI and all things tech, “humanity” is the forecast. To be personally successful in 2019 and beyond, your focus should shift to “soft skills” that cannot be automated. Born talkers in Gemini will excel in verbal communication, and native Scorpios will bring their emotional intelligence to any team.  A Taurean’s down-to-earth nature will enhance their ability to manage people, whereas ram-ruled Aries will use their natural drive and enterprise to lead.


Like all new year predictions, they are what you make them. The (crystal) ball is in your court. But at the very least, we look forward to what 2019 has in store for all of us.



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